Andreas Ljones is a fiddler who has been playing the fiddle for 35 years and drawing for 39. He puts together his concerts himself, using drawing, movement and music throughout the performance. His goal for the concert is to show the children through what can be inside the innermost or outside the outermost. He shows this by playing and illustrating himself from far away to the inside of a snake.

The message may be difficult to understand while watching the concert, but Andreas explains and asks questions when he has finished, and answers questions from the audience. For example, he explains why his show is called Feledragen (The Rock Dragon), his theory that dragons may have existed and how the dragon has almost the same appearance from over 50 different countries hundreds of years ago. He gets the audience on board, but it can become a little uninteresting for the little ones in the long run because some scenes are harder to understand than others. The performance is still well suited to the age group, and the music goes well with the illustrations.