Antero is a puppeteer, and a retired juggler from a circus. He wants to start his life "anew", but experiences loneliness, fear, the desire to be good enough, happiness and love through this story. The very idea of standing bent over with a puppet on your back as a separate character makes the play very funny and different.

The story begins with Antero marking with tape where he will live. He carries in all his furniture and argues with himself about where some things should go. After a while, he starts to get a little bored, as he's all alone. He walks back and forth, plays with a tablecloth, drinks water and sings a song. Then he picks up a newspaper and reads a personal ad from a girl called Andrea, which turns out to be from the girl he is a part of. He argues with himself about how scared he is of girls, but when she comes to the door, he dares to open up to her. They start to talk to each other and entertain each other with various tricks like balancing and juggling. Andrea brought an accordion, and Antero starts playing and singing "Will you be my sun". They sing happily and walk out of the house together.

We found it fascinating to see all the things she was able to do behind her legs, such as sitting, pouring water, playing a melody on the accordion and juggling. It was a solo performance and I think she managed to fill the whole stage very well and it almost seemed like there were two people. The transitions between Antero and Andrea talking were fun and seemed very natural.

The downside is that she does a lot of the same things all the time, and that Antero spends a very long time on each thing he does. A lot of time is also spent just standing or sitting somewhere in the room without doing anything. Children often have very little patience, so they might get bored a bit quickly. But at the same time, I think it emphasizes how lonely he was. I really liked the introduction and the ending, but the main part was a bit empty.
The performance was very cozy and fun. The story was nice, even though it didn't have a clear message. But a story doesn't always have to have a message to be good. The performance is well suited to the target group, and I could easily have seen it again with some of my brothers. We therefore choose to give the performance an almost full score.

Performer/idea/script: Frida O. Brinkmann

Direction/script: Rudi Skotheim Jensen
Duration: 35 minutes
Target group: 6 - 12 years