New productions:
Elisabeth Dahl Aphrodite and Apollo Theater 100000
Acting for climate Barque Performance 130000
Yalcin Mine VIEW Theater 100000
Andreas Roksvåg Casa Kaos Dance 100000
 Jon Filip Fahlstrøm Compassion Stories Dance 208000
Sigurd O. Cleavage The precious ice Theater 80000
Square The last day we played Theater 100000
Teater Joker Once upon a time there was a now Theater 100000
Globe theater Elleville Wild Theater 110000
Unpolished Are we almost at the border? Different genres 120000
Johnsen & Johnsen productions Fascism - the art of enchantment Theater 100000
Marius Kolbenstvedt Floating mirror musical theater 50000
Lopez art & productions Stories about (not) coming home Theater 200000
ICB productions Who is Dance 180000
The game pieces Who is going to save Brannmann Børre? Theater 220000
Jostein F. Kvaal Don't laugh Theater 100000
Rasmus Jørgensen No crisis? Different genres 30000
Hafnor/Erichsen I prefer the light Theater 80000
Sigrid Alnås With your heart in your throat Theater 35000
Hybirs The voices of the forest musical theater 67000
Nynorsk brass quintet Sol stops time musical theater 200000
Per Jostein Aarsand Sting like a bee Different genres 90000
Hein Creations unexpected Dance 200000
Elle Sofe vástádus eana/ the answer is land Dance 100000
Maria Lothe Eco-heroes Dance 200000
Matias Askvik Oss Theater 35000
Rimfrost productions Monsters in the stomach Theater 25000
NIE Brothers & Sisters Theater 25000
Ragni Hall Can paper breathe? Figure 20000
NIE The Girl With the Ugly Face Theater 6000
 Sagliocco set Scene! Art Theater 36000
Wrong theater Around the world in 80 days musical theater 30000
Company 13 Romeo and Juliet Theater 12000
NIE We Come from Far, Far Away Theater 16000
Jens Trinidad Labyrinth Dance 25000
Number of applications 87
Number granted 35
Total amount applied for NOK. 11.185.994
Total granted NOK. 3.2300.00