About Showbox


Welcome to Showbox, a performing arts festival aimed specifically at children and young people. This year's festival takes place from Tuesday, November 26 to Thursday, November 28, 2024.

Scenekunstbruket established the annual performing arts festival Showbox in 2005. The aim was to strengthen expertise in the field of performing arts for children and young people, as well as to present new artistic projects to a wide audience from all over the country. The festival is being held for the 19th time this year and has become a very important national and international festival.

The festival program is open to everyone, and it is possible to buy tickets for both performances and professional events. The program will be released on an ongoing basis, and tickets will go on sale from autumn 2024.

As Norway's largest distributor of performing arts, Scenekunstbruket sees it as one of its most important tasks to give different communities working with performing arts for children and young people the opportunity to come together. Over the years, Showbox has established itself as such a gathering place and a professional arena, in addition to being a good cultural offering for children, young people and families in the Oslo region.

During the festival, children, young people, professionals, organizers, performing artists and other interested parties gather to experience a variety of performances, participate in conversations and discussions.

Showbox serves as an arena for the exchange of experience, networking and project collaboration for organizers, performing artists and others who work with performing arts for children and young people. This equal perspective is important to Scenekunstbruket. We emphasize good meeting places and making the festival program just as interesting for the local audience in Oslo as for performing artists and organizers. Showbox will be a development arena that stimulates increased dialog, collaboration between actors, and raising the status of performing arts for children and young people.

The aim is to present performances of high artistic quality and to show a wide range of expressions and formats that appeal to different audiences. This is to best show the range within the performing arts expression.

This year, as in the past, Showbox will be accompanied by a youth editorial team who will write about their experiences on ungestemmer.no throughout the festival.

Don't miss out on eventful days with inspiring performances, new knowledge and engagement.

Welcome to Showbox 2024!