First performance release for this year's Showbox: -SANS- by and with Piero Issa and Ole Petter Knarvik, known from Absence Crew among others. Inspired by our stays in Afghanistan, we came up with the idea for -SANS-, a performance for children without the use of electricity or other technical aids.

-SANS- is a dance performance developed especially for children, where movement and curiosity are the main focus. The aim is to awaken children's senses and challenge their creativity.

Listening, wondering and discovering.

What does a sound sound like if you're discovering it for the first time?

How does it feel when your body starts to move without you having any control over it?

Together, we dive into an energetic and analog adventure filled with wonder and presence.

    • -SANS- by Piero Issa and Ole Petter Knarvik

    • Directed by Jon Tombre

    • Musical consultant: Ole Hamre.

    • Dancers: Piero Issa and Ole Petter Knarvik

    • Photo: Lisa Viktoria Tatiana and Marte Bjørgum

    • Many thanks to Bergen Dansesenter for the use of the venue.

    • Supported by Kulturrådet.

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