In the dance performance Silence, Ingri Fiksdal's starting point is the fantasy and sci-fi genre. In an imaginary world, three hybrid beings live - a shell-clad mixture of humans and insects. The performance is a physical, visual and audio speculation on how future humans might have to adapt to a changing world.

Idea and choreography: Ingri Midgard Fiksdal
Scenography and costume design: Jennie Bringaker
Composer: Camilla Vatne Barratt-Due
Video animation: Erlend Hogstad
Lighting design: Phillip Isaksen
Dance and choreography: Jon Filip Fahlstrøm, Panisara Wanlopbanhan, Trine Lise Moe/Victor Amel Olivares Pedersen (selected performances*)
Multitechnician: Rune Langaard
Photo: Antero Hein
Production and distribution: Nicole Schuchardt
Production and administration: Eva Grainger

Produced by: Fiksdal Dans Stiftelse and Brageteatret in collaboration with Teatret Vårt and Kloden teater. Supported by: Norwegian Arts Council

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