Our story begins a long time ago. The pirate captain Barbossa and his men steal an ancient Aztec treasure. What they don't know is that the treasure is cursed and that anyone who takes a coin remains a skeleton forever. The only thing that can break the curse is for everyone who helped steal the treasure to put every coin back in the chest along with their own blood. Pirate Bootstrap Bill Turner believes that Barbossa deserves to be cursed forever and rebels. He steals a coin and escapes from the ship. And so, one coin short, Barbossa's quest to lift the curse begins.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" is a physical theater performance based on the film "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl". The performance is performed in the playful style of gestural theater - where the actors create place, space and characters using only their own bodies, self-composed music and sound effects. With its fast pace and humorous references, the performance is well suited for junior high and high school. After the performance, the group has an informal conversation with the audience from the edge of the stage where they discuss the similarities and differences between film and theater.

30 minutes

Max capacity:

Set up:
60 minutes

30 minutes

Stage size:
Width: 6 Depth: 5

Must be blended:

Technical equipment (must be rented or brought):
Must be rented

2 x 16 amp

Seda Witt
Artistic director, Actor

Jonas Andersen Sandvik
Artistic director, Actor

Matias Bjune Pedersen
Artistic director, Actor

Nils Oortwijn

Johanne Setså

Petronella Ibsen-Børnick
Artistic director, Actor

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