Free will or artificial intelligence? Do humans control technology, or does technology control us?

New Religion is a science-fiction dance performance about how artificial intelligence gains a god-like authority over humans. Five dancers move in a four-meter high labyrinth, which dictates the body's movement space. It is a cold and dystopian performance that juxtaposes the mechanical and the organic, blurring the line between reality and fiction. What is free will in a high-tech society?

The labyrinth - or scenography - is the installation Nevel by Tromsø-based Belgian artist Lawrence Malstaf.

40 minutes

Max capacity:

360 minutes

180 minutes

Stage size:
12/10/6 (minimum five meters from floor to light grid)

Room or area specifications:
Flat floor, no slope. Preferably auditorium/amphitheater. Must have storage space for installation at least one week before and after the performance (two boxes 270 x 46 x 140 cm and weighing 300 kg each + five rolls of trade fair carpets).

Audience location:
In amphitheater.

Carrying help:

Technical equipment (must be rented or brought):
- 3K Xenon Large video projector - Zoom: 2x DMX - 4 professional-quality speakers on either side of the audience amphitheater - 2 monitors - Aux cable that can be connected to mac - 10 x CE Source 4 Jr - 25/50 Zoom / HPL 575W/120V - 8 x MAC aura / LED Mode: Std; PTSP: Slow; Color Calib: On - 3 x 1200 High Performance PC; 185mm Barndoor [1] / T/29 230V

Other equipment:
Vacuum cleaner


Comments on the workshop:
We can teach repertoire from the performance, including material that takes place in the installation as it moves. Then the dancers can experience what it is like to dance with a moving object.

Mathilde Caeyers
Artistic director, Choreographer, Producer

Alexander Aarøen Pedersen
Sound design

Karianne Andreassen
Dancer, Performer

Synne Maria Lundesgaard
Dancer, Performer

Marit Landfald Meløe
Dancer, Performer

Stian Bergdølmo
Dancer, Performer

Eirik Dreyer Sellevoll
Dancer, Performer

Lawrence Malstaf
Set design

Line Maher

Torbjørn Thrane Sandnes
Lighting design, Photo/animation/film

Base price A
Coming soon!

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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