A powerful, important and heartwarming performance about child slaves freed from Indian circuses.
The performance is inspired by the experiences of the Nepalese circus artists Renu and Aman, who were enslaved in Indian circuses throughout their childhood. They were sold by human traffickers and grew up as child slaves in Indian circuses, but were freed by an aid organization and sent to an orphanage. Here they were cared for and could prepare for an independent and adult life in freedom.

More than 700 Nepalese children have been freed from Indian circuses since 2002. The children were picked up as 3-4 year olds from small poor villages in Nepal and sold to circuses in India. Although As a Tiger in The Jungle focuses on the fate of Aman and Renu, the performance also shines a spotlight on human trafficking of children in general.

As a Tiger in The Jungle is a distinctive and fantastic blend of circus and theater that creates a story a critic in England called a life changing experience.

A Cirkus Xanti production in collaboration with Ali Williams Production (UK).
Co-producers: Bærum Kulturhus (Norway), NoFit State Circus (UK), PIT (Norway) and Chora
Chori (Nepal/UK).
Supported by: Spenn, Arts Council Norway, Arts Council Wales, FFLB, FFUK and Stikk.

60 minutes

Set up:
180 minutes

Stage size:
Min 9m width, ideally 11m- Min 9m depth, ideally 12m, and Min 6,5m free height, ideally 8-10m.

Room or area specifications:
Must be played in a theater/cultural center

Carrying help:

Must be blended:

Renu Ghalan Tamang

Aman Tamang

Loan TP Hoang

Sverre Waage
Artistic director, Director

Travel, per diem and accommodation not included

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Sverre Waage