Harrison. It’s not a name you knew before, maybe. But it’s a name you’re hearing a lot as you enter the theatre.
“Here comes Harrison’s mum!”
“Harrison’s dad!”
“Harrison’s judo instructor”
“Harrison’s bus driver, ex-boyfriend, salsa partner…” – the list seems endless. And apparently you know Harrison well. You all do. 

You’re shown to your seat. The performance is about to begin. But something doesn’t quite fit. Harrison is nowhere to be seen. You see Harrison’s doctor lose his temper at a group of nurses, you help Harrison’s friends prepare a surprise birthday party, you even confront a right-wing activist who wants to vandalize Harrison’s precious art work… but still, the great hero of our story does not appear. 

Harrison is a performance without a protagonist. Or rather, a performance where the audience creates their own protagonist. With Harrison, the Krumple challenges our definition of “truth”, highlighting themes such as identity, memory, the illusion of choice and our understanding of reality. This performance is the company’s second show targeted towards young people, and merges bold physicality with poetic, visual language.

The project is a co-production with Brageteatret, and is supported by Norsk Kulturråd – Arts Council Norway, SPENN and Fond for Lyd og Bilde

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Thale Kvam Olsen
Scenografi, Kostyme

Louisa Hollway
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Skuespiller

Jo Even Bjørke
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Skuespiller

Preben Lillebø Rongve
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Skuespiller

Oda Kirkebø Nyfløtt
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Skuespiller

Dylan Read
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Skuespiller

Vincent Vernerie
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Skuespiller

Yasin Gyltepe
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Lysdesign

Juhani Silvola
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Lyddesign

Thale Kvam Olsen
Kunstnerisk ansvarlig, Annet

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