Frequently asked questions

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During the fall, the tickets will go on sale.

If you work in the industry and are going to several performances and professional programs, you can buy delegate passes and sign up for what you want to see and do.

If you are attending one or two performances with friends or family, you can buy single tickets.

Yes, all performances are open to everyone. You can bring a friend, your family, or come alone. We welcome you!

All daytime performances are open to schools and kindergartens. Please contact us to get tickets.

Tickets for the performance cost between NOK 50 and 200.

They are performed at various theaters and stages all over Oslo. Check the website for the address and how to get to the one you want to see.

Yes, you can. If you work in the performing arts and are interested in both performances and specialist programs, you can buy a combined ticket package where you tick off what you are going to see. You can also receive an invoice.