Jo Strømgren Kompani

On the outskirts of a town is an abandoned and dilapidated houses. One day two people arrive the house, from each side. They stand on either side of the house and think "Here I can stay!?"

One is an old sailor, who finally have disembarked. The other is an orphaned little girl who has run away from the orphanage. The sailor limps through the front door. The girl climbs through a window. They meet in the kitchen. None of them knows what to say, but both are thinking "I came first!".

This is how the story of these to start, the story of how these two will agree to stay together. It proves to be a bit difficult. Both will do things in their own way and nobody has particular experience with house or kitchen. And they are both very stubborn.

This is a crazy performance that uses elements from old cartoons and from silent film genre. With an expressive physical performance language, playful use of set design and sound effects and evocative accordion music, we are told a story that is both funny and subtle. The topic can be read on several levels and is universal enough that adults can discuss afterwards with the children at the level they wish. On the surface there is a humorous story about how two very different people manage to create a coexistence. Not only as a compromise but as an everyday symbiosis where both are happier than before. The underlying associations are many. They can for example go to the challenges of the multicultural Norway and the rest of the world. Or conflicts in the kids' own lives. The aim is not to inflict kids a specific interpretation, but stimulate thinking and associating.

The show has two cast with actors.

The performance is available on Vimeo, contact sunniva@jskompani.no if you wish to access / password.

Co-production: Brageteatret

Supported by: Spenn.no and Norsk Kulturråd.

Can be prepared on demand. Estimated length: 1-2 lessons. Maximum group size: 20

Artists/groups: Jo Strømgren Kompani
Dani Bekkely (Costumes, scenography, manufacturing)
Ulla Marie Broch (Performer)
Isak Ericson Bjørn (Technician)
Hanne Gjerstad Henrichsen (Performer)
Catrine Gudmestad (Costumes, scenography, manufacturing )
Lise Hagen (Costumes, scenography, manufacturing )
Reidar Henrichsen (Technician)
Gunhild Hertaas (Performer)
Audun Melbye (Sound)
Stephen Rolfe (Lighting)
Hilde Skaffloth (Costumes, scenography, manufacturing )
Sunniva Steine (Producer)
Jo Strømgren (Manucript, direction, horeography, scenography, voiceover)
Ivar Sverrison (Performer)
Media Gallery
Audience: 6 to 10 years
Practical information
About the production
Maximum capacity: 80
Setup: 120 minutes
Contact information

Sunniva Steine
c/o Sentralen
Øvre Slottsgate 3
0157 Oslo​
mobile: +47 41318232