Fear Infection

B-Braza Productions

With the aid of an urban, physical language and specially composed music, Fear Infections focuses on themes as fear, horror and insecurity.

Fear is to be found in several stages of life, and comes across in different ways: fear of not fitting in, fear of failure, fear of not reaching your goals, fear of the dark, fear of spiders. No matter how fear manifests itself, it makes it difficult to get back on track. Fear can serve as an obstacle, and to many people it can be so massive that it holds them back.

Fear also takes on another dimension. Many people are being bullied. Is the reason for this to be found in the bully´s own insecurities? 
Does the bully fear showing other sides of himself? Is he afraid of not fitting in and afraid of not being accepted?

Fear Infection deals with these subjects.
During the performance you get to meet 6 dancers who each have experienced different types of fear. They have fought their way out of their fears, rebuilt their courage and strength and have taught themselves to believe in themselves in order to develop as human beings.

Fear Infection is an exciting, raw and tough dance performance that deals with current issues that concern young people of today.
It inspires thought and opens up for conversations on topics that may be difficult to address.

Concept/idea/director/artistic manager: Belinda Braza
Choreographer: Belinda Braza and creative dance performers

Artists/groups: B-Braza Productions
Belinda Braza (Dancer, producer, artistic director)
Belinda Braza med utøvende dansere (Coreografi)
Charlotte Korell (Dancer)
Marcus Andreassen (Dancer)
Sara Einbu (Dancer)
Albin Lindén (Dancer)
David Morris Blikstad (Technician)
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Fear InfectionFear InfectionFear InfectionFear Infection
Audience: 13 to 18 years
Practical information
About the production
Maximum capacity: 300
Setup: 90 minutes
Teardown: 45 minutes
Artists on tour: 7
Is workshop: Yes
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