Rasmus på luffen

Sanzén Produktioner

- Do you think there is anybody who wants a boy with straight hair? - They all want a girl with curly hair, believe me. - But if someone does not want one ... so perhaps you should look for someone who wants one ... If you meet someone, and there's no one else... Then they must take one ... but you do not have curly hair...! What if, Gunnar ... what if tomorrow will be a day of wonders...! Rasmus is a boy living in an orphanage for abandoned children. One day he decides to break out! He meets Paradis-Oskar and together they set out like tramps, on an exciting and fun adventure. -I dreamed last night... This is Astrid Lindgren's beloved story about Rasmus on the road , like you've never seen or heard it before! An actor that through acting, mime, acrobatics, singing and dancing play 18 roles. A musician who plays three instruments. A performance full of desire, madness, sadness, excitement and passion. Rasmus - a one-man show the Anders Sanzéns way.

The performance has been plaid over 600 times, for over 58.000 people in Norway and Sweden.

Artists/groups: Sanzén Produktioner
Bo Platzack
Anders Sanzén
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Ramus på luffenRamus på luffenRamus på luffenRamus på luffenRamus på luffenRamus på luffenRamus på luffen
Audience: 7 to 14 years
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Maximum capacity: 120
Setup: 90 minutes
Teardown: 30 minutes
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Anders Sanzen
+ 46 70 573 50 67