Run! Now!

Pia Maria Roll

“This is my sister
If she were an animal, she would be a ladybug
If she were a weapon, she would be a hand grenade.”

In 1986, the siblings Sara and Buzhan, aged 8 and 3, flee from their home in Iraqi Kurdistan. Saddam Hussein had declared Kurdistan as ‘forbidden area’, and even wild animals were shot. The siblings are on the run for eight years before they are granted asylum in Norway. They grow up in Tønsberg, and both train as actors. In Run! Now!, we meet Sara and Buzhan who recount their dramatic story with humour and musicality, in a highly pertinent performance. Critics have praised the touching and authentic play

“Run! Now!  is a play that’s on fire. Theatre that burns when the world burns. The performance is literary painfully relevant. Pia Maria Roll, Sara and Buzhan Baban draws us in, and force us to watch.” (Mariken Lauvstad, Periskop)

Pia Maria Roll is one of Norway’s most important artists, and has received several prizes for her documentary performances. This is her first play for children.

Run! Now! is co-produced with Brageteatret and Teater Ibsen, and is funded by The Norwegian Arts Council.

The performance is part of the research- and development project SceSam.

Artists/groups: Pia Maria Roll
Pia Maria Roll Foto: Ingrid Eggen
Sara Baban
Buzhan Baban
Sara og Buzhan Baban og Pia Maria Roll
Kai Johnsen
Helle Siljeholm
Jennie Bringaker Hagevik
Catherine Haanes
Jon Platou
Ida Andersson
Ingrid Eggen
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Audience: 10 to 15 years
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Maximum capacity: 100
Setup: 120 minutes
Teardown: 60 minutes
Artists on tour: 4
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