Do Not Feed the Trolls

The Krumple Theatre Company

Through the guise of a straightforward book-tour, the Krumple takes the audience on a nightmare journey inside the world of internet trolling. Inspired by true stories of online harassment, Norwegian folkloric trolls, and the company’s own particular brand of lunacy, Do Not Feed the Trolls tells the story of Lisa Holloway, an ordinary girl who ventured onto the internet.

Isolated and bored, 14-year old Lisa discovers the cyber reality of social media. She quickly becomes an accidental celebrity in this world, but, just as quickly, finds herself terrorized by a legion of idiotic, wig-wearing trolls. Unstoppable, the trolls seem determined to destroy her self-confidence, her reputation, and threaten her very existence…

Do Not Feed the Trolls questions how anonymity affects our online behaviour online, and what makes us capable of harassing others. Who are these so-called trolls, and what do they want?

Supported by: Scenekunst Østfold, Arts Council Norway, Fund for Sound and Image, Fund for Performing Artists, SEANSE and Juritzen Forlag.

Artists/groups: The Krumple Theatre Company
Oda Kirkebø Nyfløytt
Jon Levin
Vincent Vernerie
Jo Even Bjørke
Linn Sæther
Linn Sæther og Kenneth Jordhøy
Media Gallery
Audience: 16 to 18 years
Practical information
About the production
Setup: 180 minutes
Teardown: 180 minutes
Artists on tour: 6
Contact information

Oda Kirkebø Nyfløt
Tlf. +47 993 26 659​